Vehicle Repair Bay Flooring

Decorative Quartz over Epoxy Mortar
Decorative Quartz over Epoxy Mortar

From in-house vehicles, municipal buses, and dealerships to high school auto shops, repair bays for cars, trucks, buses, and even trains require a durable, chemical resistant floor system. Most floor coating manufacturer’s recommend ¼” mortar with epoxy grout or decorative broadcast, and a chemical resistant urethane or polyurea top coat.


Decorative Quartz over Epoxy Mortar
Decorative Quartz over Epoxy Mortar

Every component serves a specific function. The ¼” mortar is a heavy duty industrial floor, that will hold up to the impact of heavy tools and parts falling on the floor – IMPACT RESISTANCE.


Vehicle repair bay trench drain
Vehicle repair bay trench drain

The grout coat or decorative broadcasts give the floor coating its distinctive texture and appearance. – APPEARANCE.


The polyurethane or polyurea topcoat will give the vehicle repair bay floor it’s resistance to oil, brake fluid, and fuel that it will exposed to as well as provide U.V. Stability. – CHEMICAL/ U.V. RESISTANCE.


Vehicle repair bay flooring needs to be more than capable of withstanding vehicular traffic. A proper vehicle repair bay floor should have the following physical properties.


Vehicle Repair Bay Flooring:

  • Impact Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • U.V. Resistant

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