My name is Brandon Carpenter, and the assumption can be made by my last name, I come from a family of Carpenters. That is not true for in recent history as my family has been in the business of floor (and deck) coating for 80 years. My Grandfather started Sid Carpenter Marine in the 1930’s, installing floors and insulation on ships. My Father Joe Carpenter spent his entire career in the marine deck and floor covering industry, and now it is my turn to carry on the tradition.

After a growing up in this industry, I obtained my Bachelors of Science Degree from San Diego State University, and in 1999 I started my professional career as a Technical Sales Representative for Crossfield Products Corp. / Dex-O-Tex. I was fortunate in my early years to have the opportunity to work with and learn from then Technical Director and Chemist, the late Great Rick Meyer, as well as the rest of the outstanding technical team. After Dex-O-Tex I spent time at Floric Polytech, where in addition to Industrial Floor Coatings, I studied and focused on Decorative Concrete Coatings. Then for a time worked at Urethane Polymers International / Excellent Coatings, where the target market and products were primarily focused on Commercial and Residential Waterproofing as well as Concrete Floor Coatings. Now I am fortunate to have my own Consulting and Independent Manufacturers Rep Company, where I once again represent Crossfield Products Corp. / Dex-O-Tex.

While most of my knowledge comes from my 15 years of representing some of the highest quality Commercial, Industrial Concrete Floor Coating Products, I have learned a significant amount of knowledge and professional technical training from esteemed industry professional organizations such as the Society of Specialty Protective Coatings (SSPC) and Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). It is important to understand, not only how products work for coating walls and floors in the field, but the science of why they are working,  the acceptable industry standards, and how to communicate the how and whys professionally within the Architectural and Facility Management communities.

The purpose of this blog is to communicate current issues in the Commercial, Industrial, Concrete Floor Coating Industry, as well as provide firsthand accounts of actual installations and overall educate anyone interested in this topic, with the goal of helping people to better select the correct flooring, have more successful installations, and proper maintenance of industrial concrete floors.

Although I represent a specific product line, I will do my best to be objective and describe everything in general Concrete Floor Coating terms. It is my intention for this blog to become a forum that will reach far beyond the region which I represent and I encourage anyone to present questions and factual comments that will benefit all. Feel free to contact me wherever you might be located for advice or consultation on Commercial Industrial Floor Coating for your Facility, Institution, or Organization.

 Brandon Carpenter – Industrial Floor Expert – Direct: 619- 865-0479

Email: industrialfloorexpert@gmail.com

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