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How to Select the Right Floor Coating Contractor

Qualify your Floor Coating Contractor
Qualify your Floor Coating Contractor

One of the most critical factors in having a successful industrial floor coating installation is to have a quality Contractor.

Qualify your Contractor by verifying the following:

 License – Verify the Contractor has all the necessary licenses, bonding and insurances required by the State, or local governing body.

References – A good Contractor is going to have many references where they installed similar industrial floor systems, in similar conditions.

Manufacturer Approval – All credible floor coating manufacturers have a method through which they qualify Contractors. Although many concrete coating manufacturers are hesitant to endorse Contractors, it is standard in the industry for floor coating Contractors to provide a letter from the coating material manufacturer, stating the Contractor is in some way acceptable to the manufacturer and that the manufacturer will guarantee their material when installed by said floor coating Contractor.

Workers Compensation – Verify the Contractor has current and valid workers compensation.

Multiple Bids – Don’t forget to  obtain multiple bids in writing from 2-3 qualified Contractors to insure the best value.

Brandon Carpenter – Industrial Floor Expert